Stand out with podcast clips your audience actually enjoys watching

Professionally edited to succeed on short-form media

Streamline your podcast repurposing workflows with posting 25 high-quality clips a month without investing more than 1 hour


Trusted by leading marketing teams:

Scale social clips without sacrificing video quality

Unbeatable value-for-money

30x more views and 8x more affordable

Video Agencies

100% human editors

Expensive: $300+ per clip

Good performance

Done-for-you but can take bandwidth


Blend of human & AI power

Affordable: $50 per clip

Top 1% performance

Done-for-you. Easy to manage.

AI Tools

100% AI automations

Cheap: $5 per clip

Poor performance: 200 views

Requires time to tinker with

Rolling out social clips is no small feat 🤕

Scaling high-quality clips used to be a headache. Figuring out how to edit 5 clips from each podcast episode, then upload to 3 platforms is a full time job.

Top 1% performing videos

We make edits that people love. Over the course of editing thousands of clips, we're come to learn how to edit for attention

Outsource the technicl

Your headaches are over. Easily oversee over the process of scaling podcast editing workflow with done-for-you clips

Insane value-for-money

In 2024 we need to do more with less budget. Lychee's AI/human combo offers clips 8x more affordable than agencies

The formula for amazing clips


Key Moment: What is the right segment to use for your ICP

If your content is boring, no amount of over-editing will save it. We take the time to understand what key moments will get your specific audience to engage.


Video Editing: making the storyline come to life

Each video is professionally edited to meet best practices of short-form platforms together while being unique to your brand and "vibe"


Quality Assurance: typos, branding, safety concerns

Publishing 25 videos a month under your brand socials increases the risk of something slipping through. All Lychee clips are reviewed by human QA teams.

All the bells and whistles

We do what's needed to create the best videos for our customers

Editing that drives performance

Editing styles are optimized to succeed on short-form video apps

Detect interesting key moments

Find moments trained to captivate audience and go viral

Both Shorts and standard video

Choose between 9:16 vertical and 1:1 square formats

created b-rolls

Matched visuals extremely relevant to each scene

VIP guests

Focus clips on specific speakers and include their title and logo

Fits your brands guidelines & "vibe"

Match your brand by adding colors, fonts, logos and CTAs

Unlimited revision requests

Request any change to clips up until you're satisfied


Your clips are reviewed by content specialists to enforce high standards

Success stories

Why marketing teams enjoy using Lychee:

Jacy Nova

Partner & Producer

As a podcast producer, time and quality are critical. Lychee's has been a game-changer for us. With the ability to select and personalize content, we can efficiently transform our podcast into tailored marketing content. The turnaround time is impressive, too!

Leah Martin

Marketing Manager at Seraphim Space

Lychee's Studio product is a productivity powerhouse. The ease of converting our podcast sessions into platform-ready videos in just two days is unmatched. It's not just a tool - it's our secret weapon for creating high-quality content!

Buzz Knight

Host of Takin a Walk Podcast

Wanted to say thanks to team Lychee for being an integral part of reaching 1 million podcast downloads. They create these great short videos from the audio we submit and make them into cool storylines. This helps the pod grow a lot on YouTube.

Adam O'Donnell

Startup Partnerships at ZenDesk

Lychee is an absolute game-changer for podcasters like me! The quality and creativity of the clips they produce are simply outstanding. Thanks to Lychee, Sit Down Startup podcast is reaching more founders on social media.

Francesco Ciulla

Head of Social at

Dealing with multiple formats is a task, but Lychee simplifies it brilliantly. I offload our Twitter Spaces to them, and they return tailored videos ready for TikTok and LinkedIn. The blend of speed and quality is truly transformative for our marketing efforts.

Gentry Thomas

Owner of Podcast Studio

I'm very happy with the overall performance. The platform is very user friendly. We love the content because it keeps our audience engaged. It's very creative and very efficient and it's definitely taking our social media presence to the next level.


How do I know if my audience is active on TikTok/Reels/YouTube?

Perhaps they aren't. Before deciding which platforms to be active on, here are 3 steps you can take to figure out where to reach your audience in the right place

1. Ask your audience. Choose 3 customers in your ICP and ask them where they hang out
2. Look for similar accounts. Search these platforms for companies who are arleady active.
3. Consult with the metrics of each platform to see where you can reach your audience.

How can I customize the videos to my taste?

The more personalized your clips are, the better they will perform. Here's what you can do:

1. Choose clip editing styles. Choose between simple edits and more "tight" editing
2. Define your brand kit including logo, colors, fonts and custom CTA's
3. Use our Key Segments tool to choose which clips/timestamps to use for clips

Will I be disappointed with the quality like other AI clip tools?

Heck no! While AI is effective for reaching 70% readiness/quality in video, it can not yet reach 100% results. This is why AI-only tools regularly create clips that are "meh" and not something most marketers/content teams would be proud to publish on their business pages. Our solution, which blends the power of AI with human editors focuses on high quality and ability to scale.

My content is not in English. When will this be supported?

Startups need to focus on one thing. Right now we're focusing on English only to be the best. In the future we will add support to more languages. Signup to our waiting list for Non-EN content.

I currently handle editing in-house, why should I outsource this?

Unless you're a media company and creating videos is your main competency, having internal resources working on this is likely holding you back.

1. Bandwidth: To succeed you'll need 1-4 clips per day. Internal marketers are likely the most expensive resource you have and they should be focused on high-leverage jobs and not something easily outsourced.

2. Learning Curve. Getting the hang of the proper editing style and getting into rhythm often takes months to get right. You can skip this learning period by working with the experts from day 1.

3. Costs. An internal employee in the USA or Europe costs $120k per year, or $10k per month. A professional edited clip takes 4 hours to create. This comes out to $250-400 per video clip (10x more!)

We are using a freelancer for clips, why is this better?

Freelancers are a great way to quickly get started, but a headache to manage:

1. Availability - freelancers often get pulled into new tasks and ditch their previous ones
2. Bandwidth to manage - You need to manage freelancer, especially if from non-English speaking countries.
3. Can't scale. If you’d like to 10x your video output, you'll need to switch your setup

You’ll regret not starting earlier!