Say hello to Lychee 👋

We’ve rebranded to Lychee, offering premium short-form video solutions. AI-driven, human-refined 🎉

Tomer Dean
May 19, 2023

We’ve rebranded to Lychee 🎉

📣 Big News: AudioLabs has Evolved into Lychee! 📣

Today, we're thrilled to announce our rebranding - a shift that not only reflects our journey but also our future. Say hello to Lychee - the answer to your video editing needs!

But before we dive into what Lychee has to offer, let's take a trip down memory lane.

🚀Mid-2021 - Our journey started with a side-project called Clubmarket, a bridge between advertisers and creators. It saw immediate traction, featured on VentureBeat with a surge in signups, igniting our passion for the creator economy and content marketing in the audio realm. However, we soon realized that to establish a unique, defendable position in the market, we needed to integrate a software solution.

⏭️2022 - As we ventured into AudioLabs, we launched 4 software MVPs for audio creators, hitting 5000 MAUs organically as 2 of them took off! Despite these achievements, we realized creators weren't earning enough to invest in our services. It was time to rethink our business models.

💡2023 - Inspired by successful acquisitions like HubSpot's "My First Million", we understood the untapped potential of B2B in the audio/video world. That's when we chose to pivot, catering to businesses and helping them optimize their content for trendy short-form apps, in which lack of effective editing solutions remains a key blocker for success.

The result? Over 100 paying customers in just a few months and a large revenue leap! Our product backlog is buzzing with customer feature requests.

Now, why Lychee and why now? 🍒

In this age of dwindling attention spans, the demand for short, engaging videos is skyrocketing. Businesses need an efficient way to churn out 50-100 videos a month, without onboarding an army of editors. Enter Lychee - a solution built on top of generative AI models, yet providing agency-level quality at scale.

But here's the best part - our service doesn't just save you time; it slashes costs by up to 80%. We've integrated AI-driven editing with human-refined finishes to ensure 100% quality. It's a blend of high quality and high volume, making us stand out from the crowd.

We're excited about this new journey as Lychee and can't wait to show you what we have in store. Here's to a future of high-quality, high-volume video content. 🥂