Which platforms to focus on for podcast clips?

The Ultimate Guide For Creating Podcast Clips That Go Viral
January 22, 2023

Each platform you add can expose your content to more people, but also adds more complexity / as each platforms has it’s own rules and best practices. Here is a cheatsheet to help you determine which platforms to focus on:

Platform Active Users (MAU’s) Videos Watched Per Day Algo-based video feed
YouTube Shorts 2.48 billion 30 billion Yes
TikTok 1.50 billion 1 billion Yes
YouTube Shorts 2.48 billion 30 billion Yes
Instagram Reels 1.48 billion 0.5 billion (est) Yes
Facebook 2.96 billion 8 billion (incl. long-form) Mixed
Twitter 0.37 billion 2 billion No
LinkedIn 0.31 billion N/A No

Data compiled in January 2023 according to data in 2022

**Our recommendation for most podcasts:

Must-have: TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels

Nice-to-have: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook