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#1: Stunning clips that rise above the noise

Stunning clips optimized for YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, X and TikTok.

We get it. Every business has a unique "vibe"

We support an exclusive library of video editing styles to make your clips pop. Whether your audience is B2B execs on LinkedIn or social media managers on TikTok, we know what style will work best for each.

Support both vertical 9:16 for YouTube Shorts and squares 1:1 for LinkedIn/X

Choose between multiple aspect ratios such as 9:16 vertical and 1:1 square formats for the videos to be native for each platform

Personalized b-rolls matched for each scene of the podcast clip

Gone are the days of generic stock photos. Having context-relevant b-roll visuals is key to keeping users engaged.

#2 Personalized to your unique brand vibe

Bring in your logo, brand colors, custom intro/outro

Fully branded clips to stay aligned to your vibe

The approach that works best is subtle branding that doesn't distract from the storyline but still keeps your brand in the listeners head

Feature guest speakers that will star in the videos

We know there's often a big name guest you might want to focus clips on. Their their name, title and logo will be shown

#3 Content moderation and effective workflows

Your time is valuable. We do the heavy lifting and QA the videos for you.

Unlimited & easy revisions

Request any visual change to clips and receive results within 24 hours. Each revision helps us improve the future clips for you.

Human content moderation to enforce the highest quality

Videos are QA’d by expert content specialists to enforce the highest standard of video editing (typos, mistaken names, out of context visuals, NSFW, incorrect slang references)

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