To TikTok or not to TikTok? Navigating short-form for B2B/niche ICPs

Many marketing leaders are convinced their B2B niche audience is not active on short-form videos apps. Is this true or a myth?

Tomer Dean
May 19, 2024

The big question: is your audience on TikTok/Shorts?

Many marketing leaders are convinced their B2B niche audience is not active on short-form videos apps (YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Reels). Esepcially if the ICP is “older” than GenZ. Is this true or a myth? Lychee today is launching a new initiative to help CMOs answer these questions:

  1. "Is my audience active on TikTok/Shorts?"
  2. “Will my audience engage w/ my video content?”
  3. "Will this show the world low view numbers which signals failure?"

How to determine for sure?

We'll run a 2 month experiment to repurpose your podcast/video on a new unbranded social channel to help you determine if short-form is a viable marketing channel:

1. Onboarding - You share 10 episodes with us share info about your target audience (ICP)

2. Channel Creation - We open a new, non-branded social media channel for your content

3. Content Analysis - We analyze 10 of your podcast episodes to find key moments

4. Clip Editing - We create 5 engaging clips from each episode including 3 posting variations

5. Clip Posting (3 x day) - Includes writing captions, hashtags and hooks for each clip variation

6. Analize & Improve - Improve according to  what worked better on previous episodes

Benefits of experimenting

Experiments > Theory

Theory only takes you so far. By taking your content and publishing it to the apps properly, this will help you discover if and how much your audience is engaging on these apps and the potential of reaching them.

Validate without risking brand equity

Your content will be published on an unbranded social channel, not affiliated directly with your brand. In this way, we focus just on your audience ICP and the content that can educate them. Your brand might be referenced within the content, but not obvious or directly.

Hands-off, because we know you don’t have time

Your experiment needs to be done right, to be able to trust the results. We’ve done this countless of times and can guarantee a solid plan and execution. After the experiment, you can decide to claim the page for yourself, close the account or let us continue managing it.

Ready to start?

We’re launching this offering today and will be offered for a limited number. If we’re full, you will be added to the waiting list. First come, first serve. Apply here.