Best practices for publishing podcast clips to YouTube Shorts

The Ultimate Guide For Creating Podcast Clips That Go Viral
March 6, 2024

You’ve made some podcast clips! Nice. Now you need to publish them in the best way to maximize the amount of views it can get.

First time posting on YouTube? Jump to the end of this section for instructions on how to setup your account.

Posting on YouTube Shorts

TLDR: clips need to be under 60 seconds, use hashtags, web uploads offers more options but mobile allows you to choose your thumbnail.

YouTube Shorts can be published either via the YouTube website or the mobile app. The web version has more video options to customize but if you're particular about your thumbnail, mobile is the only way to set a thumbnail. This guide assumes you are uploading a clip made externally and not within YouTube’s interface.

How to post:

  1. From the YouTube menu > Upload Video
  2. Select your clip (must be under 60 seconds)
  3. Add basic details (title, description with caption and hashtags)
  4. Leave the rest of the options as-is, select Public access and publish

Do's and Don'ts for YouTube Shorts:

  • Do: Write engaging title hook - what is the essence of the video?
  • Do: Include at least 2 lines explaining what the video is about using the keywords mentioned.
  • Do: Include #hashtags. Use the autocomplete feature to find the most relevant/popular ones.
  • Do: If you're on mobile, make sure to choose a thumbnail that makes it clear what you're talking about in the video.
  • Do: In addition to hashtags, you can define “tags” in the advanced area to get more visibility.
  • Don’t: Upload a clip longer than 60 seconds. It won’t be a Short. It will be a “regular” video.
  • Don’t: Add too many hashtags as it will dilute your existing ones.

Once your clip is published, it will enter the YouTube algorithm and start to be exposed to users. This could take minutes, hours or days for a video to start getting views (depends on number of subscribers). Views often come in “waves” as the algo determines who should see this content.

In terms of frequency, there are no official guidelines. We’ve seen popular channels publish no less than 3 videos a week, so at least once every other day. There is no cap and many channels are publishing 3-4 a day.

First time posting on YouTube?

First time posting on YouTube? You’ll need to open an account. We usually recommend opening the account under the podcast name, as that is the name listeners will most recognise. In some cases when a podcast is directly affiliated with a company, those clips could be published from the company social accounts.

Official link: Open a YouTube account