How to build a modern podcast marketing strategy to maximize reach?

The Ultimate Guide For Creating Podcast Clips That Go Viral
January 22, 2023

Most podcasts do a bad job marketing their content. What differs between mediocrity and the top 1% is a thought out podcast marketing strategy for how content is pushed out. And execution towards that. Here are several aspects to keep in mind.

Gary Vee is known for the king of social media. His repurposing strategy shows why. It starts by taking "anchor" content (such as his popular long-form YouTube videos or podcasts) and repurposing it into other forms of content, such as blog posts, clips, and social media posts. This allows him to reach a wider audience and get his message out to more people. Gary’s strategy is focused on maximizing the value of his content by making it as widely available as possible, and he often encourages his followers to do the same with their own content. By constantly repurposing and sharing his content, Gary is able to build his brand and connect with his audience in a scaleable way.

For podcasts, the ideal strategy to maximize ROI on content is the same:

  1. Document podcast full episodes (record 3-5 episodes a month)
  2. Create short-form video clips derivatives (3-5 clips made from each episode)
  3. Distribute to all relevant platforms platforms (publish to 3 platforms)

If done correctly, this would result in 75 video clips being published onto 3 platforms each month. While many of them may not end up reaching many viewers, some of them may do better or go viral resulting in unexpected returns