How It Works


Identify moments likely to engage users as hooks


Videos created using short-form best practices 


Clips expertly reviewed by human content team

Identify hooks & moments
likely to go viral on short-form

It’s often not the parts you’d suspect

The most important part of any short-form video is the first 5 seconds. A strong hook can captivate the audience to keep on watching. Our technology combined with OpenAI’s GPT-3 is trained to find the most engaging moments from your content.

Videos created with visuals from commercial-free libraries & AI-made

Each scene is analysed and matched with the right visuals

Publicly sourced data (finance, company logos)
Premium stock assets from a wide library of partners
Your existing marketing assets which supplement
Created w/ internal data & AI models s.a. Midjourney
To tailor personalized assets for each scene, our platform is coupled with AI platforms such as Midjourney. This means the assets are unique to your show and won't be found anywhere else. See our demo page for examles.

Clips reviewed by
expert content team

Receive premium pod castclips ready to publish

👍 No Typos
👍 Correct brand mentions
👍 Fix mistaken references
👍 Fit tone of discussion
👍 Correct speaker mentions
👍 Fix Cross-Chatter
👍 Brand-safe
👍 Correct assets matched
👍 No audio/video bugs
Our expert content team is available 24/7 to make sure all videos generated by our platform adhere to our strict guidelines & technical approval. This team is highly experienced in social media trends to make sure you succeed